Rising Damp

Rising damp actually describes the movement of moisture upward through permeable building materials by capillary action. It becomes a problem if the moisture penetrates vulnerable materials or finishes, particularly in the occupied parts of a building.

Possible Causes:

Masonry structure, unprotected by a properly installed damp-proof course, is susceptible to natural rising damp.
Faulty guttering or missing ventilation causing ice dams or water back up.
Painting when the surface being painted is wet from condensation or rain.


Ensure proper drainage of gutters and downspouts flowing away from home.
Eliminate cause or source of moisture by installing exhaust fans, soffit vents, siding vents, louvers, fans, and dehumidifiers.
Repair and replace missing or damaged caulk.
Scrape away old peeling paint and feather sand affected areas.
Spot prime and paint with Moisture resistant Sealer / Paint.