Rip- Off Paint Remover


RIP- OFF paint remover is a very fast-acting product for the removal of most unwanted Paint and varnish film.
Use: For the removal of most unwanted Paint and varnish film.
Coverage: Approximately 100-150 Sq.Feet per gallon depending on film thickness and surface condition.
Application: Apply Rip-Off paint remover by brush, after application waits for five minutes maximum for blistering to take place then scrape off paint /varnish.
Clean-up: Use plenty of clean water and soap.

Available in:               1 Gallon and 2 Pints


Work only with adequate ventilation or uses universally approved respiratory apparatus. Wear protective gears such as goggles, gloves, etc. and avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing as this product can burn skin or eyes. In case of accidental contact, wash with plenty clean water.


How do I remove paint from wood?

Answer: You can use a Rip-Off Paint Remover. Be sure to brush it on in one direction and always wear chemical-resistant gloves and safety goggles. You will also need a putty knife.