ARBONMEL XH is an EXTRA-HARD Machinery & Marine Top-Side Enamel for metal and wooden substrates.
Best for painting industrial and Agricultural Machinery, Storage silos, Bulk Storage tanks, Bridges, and Superstructures. It is also recommended for marine application (above the waterline) on metal/wooden vessels including sides, rails, decks, cabin, engine room, etc.
  •  Dries quickly
  •  Extra Hard, High Gloss Finish
  •  Resistant to scratches, petrol, salt spray, water, lubricants, mild chemicals, detergents, etc.
  •  Very good brushability, flow leveling
  •  Short recoat time of six hours
Finish: Semi-Gloss to High Gloss
Coverage: 300-350 Sq. Feet per gallon depending on Surface Conditions, Porosity, Absorption, Film Thickness, etc.
Thinning and Clean-up: Thinning is generally not necessary.
For Bush Truck Green: Use Arbo Strip Cleaner – ½ pint per gallon maximum.
For all other colors: Use Arbo Regular Thinner – ½ pint per gallon maximum.
Re-Coat Time: Allow minimum of 6 hours drying before recoating.

Available in:               1 Gallon, 2 Pints

Available colours:  White, Black, Regatta, Delta Green, Signal Red, XH Machinery Yellow, and Bush Truck Green

Does paint expire or have a specific shelf life?

Answer: When stored properly, an unopened can of latex or oil-based paint should have a shelf life of 1 year. The best storage for paint is in a cool, dry area, away from extreme hot and cold temperatures. Paint should never be allowed to freeze and should be stored away from furnaces and other heat-generating appliances