Torgatex is a High-Build textured finish coating formulated for application to well-prepared and primed Interior/Exterior surfaces.
Use: For use on interior and exterior surfaces such as Concrete, Stucco, Precast Tilt-up Concrete, Ply Board, Plaster Board etc.
  •  One-coat application
  •  Breathable film
  •  Excellent boding to substrate
  •  Fills fine cracks and hides minor surface imperfections
  •  Environmentally friendly
Coverage: Varies depending on Surface Conditions, Porosity, Absorption, Film Thickness etc.

FINE :  200-225 Sq.Ft / 65 Lbs
MEDIUM: 140-160 Sq. Ft/65 Lbs
COARSE: 90-100 Sq. Ft / 65 Lbs

Thinning and Clean-up:  Thinning generally not required. Use Tap Water for washing tools.


Available in:               65 lbs.

Available Grade:      Fine, Medium & Coarse.

Available colours:   Wide range of Colours:  View ColorSpectra !


Colours displayed on the Colour visualizer are to be used as a guide only. Due to the variability of computer screen and printer settings, the actual paint colour may differ from the colour as seen on-screen or when printed. For critical color matches a sample of paint should be applied, allowed to dry, and checked before proceeding with the entire job.

Which paint should I use on concrete surface?

Answer: Always use TORGA Emulsion based paint on concrete substrates. Alkyd/Oil-based paints are not recommended for many concrete surfaces, especially those in contact with ground moisture, because they will not adhere to damp surfaces. The alkali in concrete may react with the oil to form soap, resulting in poor adhesion, peeling and paint lifting from the surface.