Strip Cleaner


Strip cleaner is a clear, colourless liquid aromatic hydrocarbon used for thinning paints and clean up.

Recommended for :

  • Torginol Rubberised Floor Paints
  • Arbonamel QD Paints
  • Arbonamel XH Paints
  • UPC
  • Arbonamel Swimming Pool Paints
  • Arbo Sea guard Antifouling Red Oxide
  • Stoving Enamel Paints.

Available in:               50 Gallons, 1 Gallon and 2 Pints

What adverse effects do thinning a paint product produce?

Answer: Most products are supplied ready to use right out of the can. Some products do require thinning. Read the product label carefully, which will indicate the maximum amount of thinners one need to use and the type of thinners to use. Please note that thinning a paint, past the recommended levels or using a different thinner, would drastically hamper the performance characteristics of the product.