Wipe the efflorescence clean with Torginol Efflo-Clean !

Torginol Efflo-Clean Efflorescence Cleaner is a liquid cleaner that chemically breaks down and removes efflorescence and salt deposits from concrete, brick, pavers and other masonry surfaces.

  • Supplied ready to use
  • Dissolves white chalky residue and salt deposits
  • Suitable for use on all masonry surfaces

Available in:               1 Gallon


Can Torga Masonry waterproofer be used on floors?

Answer: No, Torga Masonry waterproofer is not designed to use on floors.

What is the permanent solution to avoid reoccurrence of efflorescence?

Answer: For a permanent solution, many parameters has to be taken care of. The first step would be to evaluate what is actually causing the efflorescence. Efflorescence is caused from moisture and can happen in several ways. Improper wall ventilation, no weep vents, flashing issues, parapet caps, cracks in the mortar joints, walls exposed to the elements with no sealer, etc. Can cause problems. Addressing the above issues in combination with the use of torginol efflo-clean and torga masonry waterproofer would provide the desired results.

Can I use Torga Masonry waterproofer on concrete plastered 2 weeks ago?

Answer: No. Torga Masonry waterproofer is recommended to use on cured concrete only. Please allow the concrete to cure at least a minimum of 45 days before applying the waterproofer.

What is efflorescence and what causes it?

Answer: Efflorescence is a white crystalline deposit that forms on masonry surfaces as the masonry dries. Efflorescence is primarily cause by excessive moisture in the masonry and is simply part of the natural drying process. As the moisture in the mortar and brick, block, or concrete works its way out of the wall, it brings with it the salts that develop on the surface as the moisture evaporates.