ARBO GLOSS is LEAD & MERCURY FREE, Tropicalised, Environmentally Friendly, Exterior/ Interior Quality Alkyd based paint.

Use For General Purpose Painting on Wooden Substrates such as Wood, Plyboard and Chipboards.
Properties ·      Fungus Resistant
·      Hard, high gloss, durable finish
·      Very good opacity and coverage
·      Attractive range of fade-resistant colours
·      Washable
·      Controlled chalking on exterior surfaces
Finish:  High Gloss
Coverage: 300-350 Sq. Feet per Gallon depending on Surface Conditions, Porosity, Absorption, Film Thickness etc.
Thinning and Clean-up Thinning generally not necessary. Roller/Spray applications may need up to 500 ml of Torginol Regular Thinner per 4 Liters of Arbo Gloss paint.
Re-Coat Time: Allow to dry for 16 hours or more before re-coating. Sand slightly between coats.

Available in:               5 Gallons, 1 Gallon, 2 Pints

Available colours:   Wide range of Colours:   View ColourSpectra !


Colours displayed on the Colour visualizer are to be used as a guide only. Due to the variability of computer screen and printer settings, the actual paint colour may differ from the colour as seen on-screen or when printed. For critical color matches a sample of paint should be applied, allowed to dry, and checked before proceeding with the entire job.

What is the paint Finish?

Answer: High Gloss

How do I remove paint from wood?

Answer: You can use a Rip-Off Paint Remover. Be sure to brush it off in one direction and always wear chemical-resistant gloves and safety goggles. You will also need a putty knife.