Rubberised Floor Paint


RUBBERISED FLOOR PAINT is a Lead & Mercury free exterior quality paint. It is the ideal protective decorative floor coating formulated from the highest quality of chemical resistant rubber and matching pigments to produce the optimum in concrete, wooden and metal floor treatment for lasting results.
Best suited for cured concrete, wooden floors, metal floors, stairway, driveways, garage, etc.
  •  Dries quickly to touch within 30 minutes
  •  Semi Gloss finish that is unaffected by lime salt present in concrete
  •  Resistant to mild acids and water
  •  Hard-wearing and washable
Finish: Semi Gloss
Coverage: 300-350 Sq. Feet per Gallon depending on film thickness and absorption.
Thinning and Clean-up: Thinning generally not required. Use ½ pint Toginol Strip Cleaner per gallon of Rubberised Floor Paint when necessary.
Re-Coat Time: Allow to dry for 8 hours before re-coating. Product dries hard in 16 hours.

Available in:                  1 Gallon

Available colours:   White, Red, Grey, and Green

Note: Can be affected by lubricants, fuel, and hydraulic fluids from leaking vehicles.

What do I paint a floor with?

Answer: Floor paints, are for walk-on surfaces. Floor paints are formulated to withstand weather and wear on wood and concrete. They come in both oil-based and latex formulas. For low to medium traffic area use Torga Emulsion Floor Paint or Rubberised Floor Paint Conventional floor paints will not resist hot tyre pick up, as the hot tires are exposed to the floor paint, the paint sticks to the tires and is lifted off. For High traffic applications Use Epoxy Top Coat Enamel Note: Before painting any concrete floor check for dampness, grease and oil spillage and the smoothness of the concrete. If the concrete is damp : Don’t paint ! Find the source of the water and arrest it. If the concrete has Oil /grease spillage ; Use degreaser (TSP) and soap and pressure wash it . If the concrete is smooth: etch the concrete with 20% muriatic acid, a properly etched surface should have the texture of medium grit sandpaper which will allow immediate water penetration and will ensure material bein…