Arbo Rust-Out


ARBO Rust-Out Rust Dissolving Solution is a unique Pre-Treatment for Iron and Steel.
Use: For Dissolving /Removal of rust from metal surfaces.
  •  Dissolves Rust on Contact
  •  Penetrate deep into Pores
  •  Excellent for areas where tools cannot reach
Application: Apply Rust-out by brush, Swab, or immersion and allow to react for at least one hour before washing off scum with clean water.
Clean-up: Use plenty of clean water and soap.

Available in:               50 Gallons and 1 Gallon

Do I need to change the galvanised iron sheets if they start rusting? Cannot a coat of paint make it look good?

Answer: No you don't have to change the GI sheet unless it is in a really terrible condition. You can give it a coat of paint like mentioned above but before you start painting ensure that all the rust on the GI sheet is removed by using Arbo Rust Out-Rust Remover or by mechanical means. Ensure there is absolutely no rust. Wipe the surface clean with a dry cloth and ensure the surface is completely dry.