Arbo Silverbrite


Arbo Silverbrite is a General Purpose Aluminium Paint.
For general painting of Metals, Wood, Concrete etc. Excellent for substrates requiring a brilliant metallic finish, such as Bulk Storage Tanks, Bridges, Steel Structures, rails, fences etc.
    •  Superb Brilliance
    •  Heat and light Reflective
    •  Quick Drying and Water Impermeable
    •  Very good leafing
    •  Excellent resistance to Peeling, Flaking, Cracking and Impact
Finish: Metallic
Coverage: 300-400 Sq. Feet per gallon depending on Surface Conditions, Porosity, Absorption, Film Thickness etc.
Thinning and Clean-up: Thinning Generally not recommended. Use Arbo Regular Thinner for cleaning equipments and spillage.
Re-Coat Time: Allow to dry at least 12 hours before recoating.

Available in:              1 Gallon, 2 Pints

Available colours:   Silver

What adverse effects does thinning a paint product produce?

Answer: Most products are ready to go right out of the can with no reduction necessary. Some products can be reduced to some degree. The product’s data page will indicate the maximum reduction allowed if any and the correct type of reducer. Please note that reducing a paint product past the recommended levels would produce a solution that may not offer the same performance characteristics as those indicated on the product’s data page. Always use the recommended solvent and never reduce past the amounts recommended in the product label.