ARBO ANTIRUS is LEAD & MERCURY FREE, Tropicalised, Environmentally Friendly Anti-Corrosive Priming and Finishing paint.
For painting of Metal Substrates, such as Steel Frame structures, Roofs, Bridges, Pipelines,Storage Tanks etc.
  •  Excellent corrosion inhibiting properties
  •  Dries to hard, impermeable finish
  •  Displays excellent adhesion on metal
  •  Superb resistance to water and impact
Finish: Matt  to Semi-Gloss
Coverage: 300-350 Sq. Feet per Gallon depending on Surface Conditions, Porosity, Absorption, Film Thickness etc.
Thinning and Clean-up: Thinning generally not necessary. Roller/Spray applications may need upto 500ml of Torginol Regular Thinner per 4 Litres of Arbo Antirus  paint.
Re-Coat Time: Allow to dry for 16 hours or more before recoating.

Available in:              1 Gallon, 2 Pints

Available colours:   Antirus paints are available only in the below listed colours.

Antirus Metal Primer : Red Oxide, Zinc Chromate Red Oxide , Zinc Chromate Yellow.

Antirus Roof Paint : White, Black, Bright Roof Red, Roof Red ,Roof Brown, Bright Roof Green , Light Roof Green ,Post Office Red, Roof Grey & Regatta.



Colours displayed on the Colour visualizer are to be used as a guide only. Due to the variability of computer screen and printer settings, the actual paint colour may differ from the colour as seen on-screen or when printed. For critical color matches a sample of paint should be applied, allowed to dry, and checked before proceeding with the entire job.

What kind of paint works best on galvanized surfaces?

Answer: After allowing the galvanized surface to weather for six months or chemically cleaning it to remove any oil or remnants of the galvanizing process, you can apply one coat of Antirus metal primer directly to the metal followed by Antirus finishing coat. Do not apply an alkyd directly to a galvanized metal surface because the oils will react with the zinc used in the galvanizing process, causing the alkyd to peel.