Poly Wood Stain


Poly-Wood Stain is quick-setting, thus facilitating varying densities and film build in staining and shading wood to create special effects and to regularize colour tone and contrast.
Poly-Wood Stain is ideal for wooden floors, walls, countertops and wooden Furniture.
  •  Excellent Staining Characteristics
  •  Very Good Transparency
Coverage:450-500 Sq. Feet per gallon depending on Surface Conditions, Porosity, Absorption, Film Thickness etc.
Thinning and Clean-up:Thinning is generally not necessary. Use Arbo Regular Thinner when very light tone/shades are required. Do not over thin.
Re-Coat Time:Dries within 6 hours and can be recoated 12 hours after application.

Available in:               1 Gallon and 2 Pints
Available colours:   Mahagony and RoseWood

Note: Do not apply Nitro Cellulose Based Wood Stain over Polyurethane Based Coating, as this can produce serious blistering.

Does paint expire or have a specific shelf life?

Answer: When stored properly, an unopened can of latex or oil-based paint should have a shelf life of 1 year. The best storage for paint is in a cool, dry area, away from extreme hot and cold temperatures. Paint should never be allowed to freeze and should be stored away from furnaces and other heat-generating appliances